Following in the footsteps of Matthew Perpetua’s great R.E.M. blog, Pop Songs 07, More Than Ten seeks to explore in detail every song in the Pearl Jam canon, from album tracks to b-sides to unreleased originals.

This blog is intended as a fun hobby, not journalism. Comments are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged, as long as they’re civil.


40 Responses to “About”

  1. You are incredibly ambitious. Good luck to you. I am looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  2. Intelligent writing. I lack just the right amount of ambition to NOT attempt something like this. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Randallanddarcy, it truly means a lot, and helps me to want to continue.

  4. This is a very cool project. I look forward to reading the rest of it….

  5. I only discovered your blog today via the Synergy forum but i’ve barely been able to stop reading it! It’s an excellent read and great at putting into words things that I’ve felt about their songs for a very long time! Thanks for sharing it šŸ™‚

  6. Thanks Alex! Looking forward to hearing your comments on the songs!

  7. Thank you for this great site! Excellent writing!

  8. You’re the best!

  9. i just looked at the great REM blog that you mention. two quick impressions that i’m not sure really matter, but feel like making anyway because it’s monday and i’m totally screwing off here at the office on my first day back after a two week vacation…the first is that your comments are way more intricate, insightful, well written, etc…compared to the general surface-y comments about the REM songs…and the other observation is that each entry has between 20 to 50 comments, while this blog generates…much less. Do you think this has something to do with Pearl Jam vs. REM fans? Do you think it has something to do with Pearl Jam vs. REM songs? Do you think it has something to do with the entries of the BlogMasters, or whatever you’re called? I just thought of something…you should eliminate the dates of your entries and the comments…if i see the last entry is two weeks old…i’m less likely to add to it…that feeling that no one is going to read it anyway, i guess…which i’m starting to have right now, which, curiously enough, is making me want to write more. Conclusion – if that REM blog can have 35 comments to one entry, no matter how great REM may be, this Pearl Jam blog should be able to pull in more than it currently is with its 17,000 hits…not that it’s important, but, in the end, it is, and you know it. So, to you and the other five people who comment on this blog, think about why, and see what you come up with.

  10. Thanks so much Oleyever! I don’t know if I’m web-savvy enough to figure out how to eliminate the dates, but I’ll look into it. I’m sure it has something to do with the layout I’ve chosen. I’ll just have to figure out how to manipulate it.

    I’ve wondered the same thing w/r/t Pop Songs 07. It might have something to do with the fact that the band’s catalog goes back a lot farther, or that those who came of age during Murmur and Reckoning might be more inclined to want to participate in such things. But the Pearl Jam and R.E.M. audiences tend to overlap, so I’m not so sure. Matthew’s certainly got a lot more press for his blog, and deservedly so for being the first, or if not, one of the first oeuvre-blogs. Usually the ones who came next, including mine, are mentioned below his, if at all.

    It could also very well have something to do with the songs. I think that more R.E.M. songs may invite more interpretation than Pearl Jam songs. Even the songs with more abstract lyrical styles are pretty straight-forward content-wise, whereas people can debate “Shaking Through” or “Pretty Persuasion” until the end of time. Can’t really do the same w/ “Satan’s Bed”.

    Right now I’m actually very happy with the modest amount of hits and comments I’ve received. 10+ hits on any given post is pretty exciting. And I’m also very happy with the five or so folks who regularly take part in giving their thoughts and opinions, of course including you. I’d love to see more, and will see about removing those dates, other than that, I’m just trying to grow the blogroll and see what happens.

    Thanks again! Your comment very much made my day.

  11. Upon further reflection, i’d like to clarify that my quandry/quiery about the number of comments comes from the fact that i’m enjoying very much the opportunity to read what other people think of these songs i’ve listened to and thought so much about myself, and i wish more people would join in. the quality of your entries and the other comments is excellent, in my opinion, and so i just wish there was more quantity. i didn’t want to suggest a simple quantity vs. quantity comparison to the REM blog…which i may have done, but isn’t really important at all (is it?) as long as the people who are visiting are grooving with it. Anyway, cheers for all your efforts…that thing about the dates was just off the top of my head, not sure it deserves much consideration…not sure my comment should have made your day, either, but some days it doesn’t much, does it? And I think we COULD interpret “Satan’s Bed” until the end of time…”torture follows reward follows torture follows reward follows torture…”…Is this about Ed/PJ being tortured by fame? Is it true? Universally? Which comes first? Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill? aye davanita…ad infinitum..

  12. Indeed re: Lauryn Hill. Where is she?

  13. she disappeared after i dumped her, broken hearted AND miseducated. resurfaced recently on an animated surfing penguin movie soundtrack. or is it a surfing penguin animated movie soundtrack. or an animated penguin surfing movie soundtrack. no matter which way you cut it, it’s sad. but we’ll always have kingston, girlfriend! Rise soul sister…JAH!

  14. C13, would you consider your knowledge of Pearl Jam to be greater than any other band? Also, have you ever considered writing a book?

  15. Hmmm… I don’t know. There are some bands that I know more about musically because I play similar styles, or have spent a lot of time learning how to play covers of those bands. I’ve thought about what other bands I might make another blog about, or which ones I could. Wilco’s up there (already a blog on them though), Grant Lee Buffalo, Songs: Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co./Jason Molina, Gillian Welch, Scud Mountain boys, maybe Elliott Smith. But I’ve known Pearl Jam the longest, and have tried hard to collect all of the band’s original music. So maybe I’ve just lived with them the longest.

  16. wow…I’m impressed, I’ve been a fan of pearl jam since they were doing promotional tours in Europe,pretty much unknown at the time.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. great site! new to the arena, so looking forward to reading more. Thanks

  18. Do you have any thoughts on “I’m Still Here” to add to the blog? I’m curious on the true origin of the song. I had been told it was on the Japanese release of Lost Dogs. I’d love a definitive answer to its conception

  19. Hi says8: I wrote an entry on “I’m Still Here” back when I first started the blog. It was pretty controversial, as it’s one of my very least favorite Pearl Jam/PJ-related songs! You can find the entry under the “Unreleased” category. I don’t know of its exact origin other than it leaked around the same time as Lost Dogs. It was rumored to be on import versions, but it wasn’t. I don’t know what sessions the song is from or how it got out there. If you ever find out, let us know!

  20. Thanks for the update. I just found that category. I thought I had visited them all but missed Unreleased.

    Thanks for having and sharing your opinion. You present a realistic view to song interpretation and aren’t afraid to take a side–for or against.

  21. A couple others in my collection came from a supposed Lost Dogs promo CD, songs considered for Lost Dogs:
    Sunburn (No Code outtake)
    Anything in Between (Binaural outtake)

  22. Thanks Says8. I’m aware of those songs and have thought about writing about them. Since I can’t confirm if Sunburn is really a Pearl Jam song and not a Bayleaf outtake, and because Anything In Between sounds kinda/sorta like a band improv, I’ve been up in the air about writing about them. Possibly in the future if I learn anything more. I also intend to write about the just released original “Santa God” at some point.

  23. just found this blog today. Can’t stop reading!! Thank you for putting all this time and effort into such an ambitious endeavor!!

    I contribute to a multi-author blog called Tell Him Fred. All of the authors reside in the Boston area.

    I was wondering if I could do a quick interview with you, potentially over the weekend, via email? The reason I’d like to do this is to give this piece of work some more visibility, deservedly so. I’ll feature the interview and link to you from our site.

    Email me with a response. Thanks!

  24. Hey Opposite Prime, thanks so much for your thoughts and contributions, and kind words. I’d be happy to be interviewed. I’ll be in touch.

  25. šŸ™‚

  26. great job you`ve done here…beutiful! I am enjoying every second spent here.Since PJ`s music is soooo multilayerd I got another perspective. Thak you for these insigths….real discovery.
    I have kind off dived in a PJ ocean again after many many years.

  27. Thanks Edith. I’m glad folks like you are still reading this site!

  28. Yeah, reading and enjoying it….btw I really like your writing

  29. I love your blog, and pearl jam. I love your take on songs. Unemployable is one of the best songs ever in PJ’s catalogue. And as you said, it is everything they do well. Anyway, I never saw PJ live, but saw Ed with Mike Watts and Dave Grohl back in the 90s. The stars never aligned for me to see PJ, although I saw all the rest of my favorite bands, Nirvana, Soundgarden, AIC, etc. except PJ. What a shame, I know. BUT I had collected every single unreleased track and read every bit I could about PJ. Anyway, I hope to follow your blog. It is great, and keep up the great insight. I am really into Lost Dogs right now, and must say that it contains some great material, that if cobbled down to 11 songs, it would have been one of their best albums. How songs like Sad, Down, Alone, Hold On, Yellow Ledbetter, Strangest Tribe, In the Moonlight, Undone, Wash, Hard to Imagine, Footsteps, Last Kiss, etc didn’t end up on an single album I guess is a measure of PJ’s greatness, but is also inexplicable too. Besides Light Years, Sad is the next best song if measured against the rest of Binaural! Yikes. Anyway, I better cut this short, and get back to work…(te he he) wink wink!

  30. I’ve just fallen in love with my first blog. I have picked up Pearl Jam again after a long break (relocations, life, deaths all took me away from music for a while.)
    I have relocated my good old self in the Pearl Jam music I am hearing or re-hearing.
    I just heard/saw 4/20/02 for the first time on youtube and then found your post on it.

    Thank you for your insight and wonderfully considered and beautifully written notes. I’ll be back.

  31. This is an excellent blog and it certainly deserves more views!

  32. This blog is amazing. I only want to know why there is only one entry for Backspacer?

    • Thanks Ethan— I think I initially intended to keep going with the new material, and sadly never got around to it. There’s also “Of the Earth” to consider too! Maybe soon, but no promises! Thanks for reading!

  33. I just discovered this nice blog. I have been reading for quite awhile today.
    Good job man. Would be great if you’d manage to add Of the earth. Now that’s a song that gets my hope up for the next album being better than the last one.

  34. Wow! How have I never seen this blog before!? I frequent many fan sites(TSIS, TFT, etc.) but have never come across your site. I searched for the lyrics to 4-20-02, and stumbled upon your review. And I have been reading entries for nearly two hours now! I have bookmarked the sight and plan on reading every entry, current and yet to come. I appreciate your passion for the band and their music. I also appreciate the obvious dedication and effort it has taken to get the blog to where it is today.
    Here’s to finding the fire to continue writing entries for the few songs that are left in your list! CHEERS!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Having you and Sean comment over the last couple days is great motivation to keep going. As you’ll see, I “ended” the blog a couple years before Backspacer and it’s been very slow going picking it back up. But I look forward to covering these last couple of albums, and the odds and sods too.

  35. Dude- I love this site! Thanks!!

  36. Please keep going. We need to get this site address to the Ten Club somehow….

  37. I also stumbled on here searching for “into the wild ” lyrics. I will be on here a lot!! PJ is the best ever. Still!

  38. Wow is right!! Just came upon this site trying to find meaning of strangest tribe (which is very thoughtful and quite impressive on you’re part). Just wanted to say, I’ve bookmarked your blog and I look forward to reading through it as time passes.

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