Black, Red, Yellow

I promise not to hold my breath, but I’d still love to someday be treated to a “Black, Red, Yellow” –> “Black” –> “Red Mosquito” –> “Yellow Ledbetter” tetralogy. The return of the “Hail, Hail” b-side to the live stage after 9+ years (from 1996 – 2005) was a treat, with the scrappy, junkyard rock homage to basketball star (and friend/fan of the band) Dennis Rodman fitting in remarkably well with the rest of the ’06 sets. Two Feet Thick offers a pretty great decoding of some of the tune’s lyrics, my favorite of which is likening Bulls coach Phil Jackson to “Freud walkin’ the sidelines”. Nothing monumental, just a great dirty little rock tune.


~ by Michael on October 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Black, Red, Yellow”

  1. I don’t think “Black Red and Yellow” returned in 2006 – I think it was one year prior. The version I’ve heard is only okay – Cameron should have had a more prominent role with those octave harmonies in the verses.

  2. You’re right. I’ll fix that. I was getting my dates all confused. ‘Twas the Canada shows eh?

  3. Yep. London is the one I’m familiar with. I don’t think Cameron did it the service that Irons did.

  4. this was my first favorite on Lost Dogs…had never heard it before…maybe never again…

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