1/2 Full

I’d meant to write my entry on “1/2 Full” long, long ago, but could never muster the right amount of determination or enthusiasm. Perhaps it would have been better to get the song out of the way before “Red Mosquito”, because despite the fact that “1/2 Full” is a decent tune, it has never been able to pull itself completely away from that association in my mind. It all has to do with the burly, lumberjack vibe, buzz-saw whine of Mike McCready’s guitar, the gritty stomp of both songs. But where “Red Mosquito” featured a bizarre devil/vampire fable, Vedder’s umpteenth take on corporate greed precipitating an escape to nature is not among his most inspired (though it does look forward to Into the Wild, ominously. The frenetic energy of the song still gives it a certain draw, but “1/2 Full” ultimately feels just that.


~ by Michael on September 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “1/2 Full”

  1. Yeah, it’s almost impossible to distinguish Red Mosquito from 1/2 Full. But i only listen to Red Mosquito, so it’s not really a problem.

  2. My inability to find anything at all to say about this song is pretty indicative of its place in the Pearl Jam catalogue. For me, this is a completely forgettable tune. It came on the other night (I was giving a mercy listen to Riot Act just in case I missed something the first 10 times I listened to it) and I couldn’t remember a single word to it. And I’m even a lyrics guy!!

  3. Have you guys seen the MSG dvd version of this song? It’s great live.

  4. This song reminds me of the Red Sox for some reason.

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen the MSG dvd version. But I will check it out…maybe there’s still hope that 1/2 Full and I can get back together.

  6. NoCoder, that might be my favorite moment of the entire DVD. To say a fairly used expression, they are banging on all cylinders, Ed’s doing the mirror trick while sining ‘won’t someone save the world’ as he scans the audience for someone to answer the call. Stone is duck walking in circles…in reverse I think, maybe not.

  7. Isn’t this kinda Matt’s shining moment on ‘Riot Act’ as well? The end of ‘Save You’ or the end of ‘1/2 Full’ for sure.

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