No Code

1. Sometimes
2. Hail, Hail
3. Who You Are
4. In My Tree
5. Smile
6. Off He Goes
7. Habit
8. Red Mosquito
9. Lukin
10. Present Tense
11. Mankind
12. I’m Open
13. Around the Bend


~ by Michael on September 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “No Code”

  1. I was scrolling down the page and was struck with urge to say that I still think No Code has the best cover/art/packaging of any album I know. It makes me smile to just look at all of those little squares, those seemingly random images. I’ve gone through two or three copies of NC becuase I so often open the whole thing up and just stare at it. Beautiful…and I guess fitting for me, as it is my favorite PJ album. OK, that’s all. Carry on.

  2. it’s my favorite, too…

    you didn’t mention it, so i won’t either…but I’m sure you see it when you stare at it with the whole thing open…how those seemingly random photos come together…i’ve never known what it’s all supposed to mean, if anything…but it is fun to stare at…through the triangle in the Yield cover. trippy.

  3. No Code is PJ’s Revolver…transition from a grunge band into something approaching art / transcendent themes…PJ were always deep but this album took it to another level…no wonder it wasn’t so popular. I think you have to have been through that door yourself to fully appreciate this album.

  4. I just found this website today. I love it so far.
    I’ve read quite a few reviews and comments, it’s nice to see how other poeple expirience a certain song. I imagine I’ll be visiting this site more often.
    But after reading some reactions I did feel the need to leave one myself.

    Of course that had to be a comment on my favourite Pearl jam album; No code.

    As discribe above I the artwork is wonderfull. Interesting idea to look at the triangle through the triangle in the cover of Yield. I don’t read to much into it, I must say I haven’t done so before. The only down side to the album’s package is the fact that not all the lyrics are included.

    I love the fact that they experimented with their sound and moved away from any expectations there were. Some songs are so filled with sounds where others are so open and stripped to the bare minimum.

    Songs like In my tree, Present tense, I’m open, Sometimes and Who you are fit together so nicely when it comes to atmosphere and feel.

    Who you are is the first song I have sung for my daughter within the first hour of her birth. She was taking to a speciale wing of the hospital because of health reasons. I went with her having to leave my girlfriend, I just needed to see where they were taking her so I was sure we would get the right baby, and prevent Hollywood film mishaps.
    When finally all the doctors left I able her; You are who, who you are.

    I’m open has some lines that often came to mind when I was pointed out that my behaviour was other than what was expected from a person my age.
    I guess I might point out that keeping the child in me alive might well be the only ambition I have apart from giving my daughter a good up-bringing.

    The lines are;

    When he was six he believed that the moon
    overhead followed him
    By nine he had deciphered the illusion,
    trading magic for fact
    No trade-backs…
    So this is what it’s like to be an adult
    If he only knew now what he knew then…

    And in my younger years the switch from Sometimes to Hail, hail made a romantic start of someting (which I’ll not further discribe) into a little fright followed by alot of laughs. I love that memory.

    Last year when some frinds and I were debating what was on our whishlist for the upcoming show, I stated that it would be great if they’d play Mankind. One of them said no way it is way to slow and soft, and people would fall asleep. And I said are you kinding, and I started sing. Joined straight away by the other four leaving the one who thought it was be bad idea realizing he meant I’m open.

    And off course Present tense helped me to bring nuance to my thoughts more than a few times.

    With out any doubt whatsoever I can say No code is the Pearl jam album for me. The only same is that they play soooooo little of it live.

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