Soon Forget

Gods forgive me as such criticism can get a little dicey, but I soon forgot about “Soon Forget” after the release of Binaural. Its role in busting Vedder out of his writer’s block by breaking open the door to the wild world of ukelele is not insignificance, but categorizing the song anywhere near the upper echelon of Pearl Jam tracks is like grasping at thin air. Like “Drifting”, it’s a straight-shot bit of commentary, no verbal sleight of hand here. There’s humor too, in the reference to “Benjamins”, and “the only thing that keeps him horny”, and for that I have no grievance, though I’d love to hear the story of the girl our millionaire covets in the first verse. I imagine Vedder getting inspired while surfing in September of 1999, riding a breaker, fall on the heels of summer, and having a good laugh.

The ukelele is the “Bugs” accordion on Binaural, a challenge to fans to accept a non-traditional instrument in their beloved rock band, or else join the mass evacuation to the loving arms of rivals Creed and Staind. It should have been clear by that point that with Pearl Jam, you get nothing as it seems. “Soon Forget” isn’t just a curio; it’s a nod to the Who’s “Blue, Red and Grey”, and points its finger toward the politics of “Green Disease” and “Undone”, not exactly light years from their prototype. Still, it wasn’t long after May of 2000 that “Soon Forget” and I were parting ways.


~ by Michael on August 13, 2007.

10 Responses to “Soon Forget”

  1. C13, I might have to spank you for this one. After I stop laughing.

  2. Very inspired way to review a song on which there really is not much to say!

  3. Some days, when I’m trying to remember what day it was that I did something, just maybe yesterday, or was it Thursday…I think, this is it, I’m living that life…or barely living…day’s I soon forget…how sad. It’s not easy to do something memorable every day. Or maybe I’m doing memorable things, but don’t appreciate them enough to remember them. That’s one more time around…and all I have to remember about it is Su’s spank threat. Not bad, actually. I almost wish I was funny. Anyway, I think this song is great…not insignificant…disappointed to find out others don’t, but not surprised.

  4. couldn’t disagree more. I love this song! I can’t take the CD out without listening to it at least a couple of times.

  5. Cute, C13, cute. 🙂

    But, anyway, I like Soon Forget. Don’t know why. I guess I like what ed has to say, and the way he says it, and the way the lyrics flow together.

    And it makes me think how awful it must be to live days that are so forgettable.

    One of the best songs of the PJ catalogue? Of course not.

    But for what it is, and what it’s supposed to be, I like it.

  6. This is true SoJ. I don’t hate “Soon Forget”. I guess when I said I soon forgot about it, I meant it didn’t impact me the way other songs have. But for what it is, it’s definitely a neat little track.

  7. All the non-PJ fans I know who have listened to Binaural think ‘Soon Forget’ is one of the better songs on the album. Jack Johnson has played this with Ed a few times.

    I like Ed’s ukelele songs, especially “Satellite”.

  8. I think it’s a good song, but there isn’t much more for me to say about it. Of the uke work that Ed has done, I think it’s one of his better songs. I remember really liking “Satellite” and “You’re True.”

  9. GOODBYE is so very sad.

    I like the lyrics:

    “and the sun, it may be shining
    but there’s an ocean in my eyes.”

    They seem so appropriate to a ukelele song, but they don’t come off cheesy, they’re heart-breaking in this song.

  10. Susan, that line is the reason I can’t fully get into “Goodbye”. I think the lyric is “there’s no shine in my eyes” but it sounds like ‘Ocean’ for sure, which isn’t nearly as effective a lyric in my opinion, whereas the former fits perfectly.

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