Dirty Frank

Due to the lack of CD-single proprietors in my neck-of-the-woods, I didn’t pick up the “Even Flow” single until the “not to be confused with the more expensive import version” version.  But I did shell out an obscene amount of birthday cash on a trip to Boston for the Japanese import version of “Alive” (see entry for “Wash”).  “Dirty Frank” rounded out that 4-song disc, and Ed’s handwritten lyrics adorn the last page of the liner notes, which accounts for the miraculously accurate typed transcription (“Wash” wasn’t so lucky: “Oh was a time I could clean you taste”). I can’t admit to ever being taken by the song’s pseudo-Chili Peppers funk rock, inspired by touring with that band in 1991.  But I’ve never been the world’s biggest RHCP fan in general.  Oh but had those fine young cannibals felt a desire to try their hand at anything resembling Badmotorfinger.  Actually, once Cameron came on for Binaural, there was talk of the band rehearsing a Soundgarden cover, rumored to be “Room A Thousand Years Wide”. But I digress; “Dirty Frank” is fun as a loose little jam that gave the band a chance to breathe between all of the “Deep”s and “Why Go”s in their repertoire, the spirit of  the evil little “Goat” resurrected in the form of the band’s bus driver.  Recent performances of the song have been extremely fun and nostalgic to hear now that the song has been distributed more widely via Lost Dogs (though tweaked). Ironically, though I can’t call “Dirty Frank” a great song, if I ever saw it in concert I’m sure it would be an unforgettable highlight of dancing, pogoing, singalong glory.


~ by Michael on August 4, 2007.

7 Responses to “Dirty Frank”

  1. I love the ‘cook ’em, just to see the look on his face, i cook ’em just to see the look on his face’ line, lifted pretty much straight from a RHCP song, Freaky Styley, which in turn may have taken the line from a Parliament/Funkadelic song.

  2. Or the reference to “Shaft”: “Why that dirty Frank is a bad mutha… SHUT YO MOUTH … hey man I’m just talking ’bout dirty Frank! Whoo!”

  3. I like the original version better than the Lost Dogs one.

  4. ok, i think that’s enough…

  5. No it’s not enough… I will comment more later thank you very much.

  6. Ok, I think I just wet my pants when I read the possibilities of PJ doing a Soundgarden cover. Is this still in the works? “Room A Thousand Years Wide” would be a fine chois, but what about “Like Suicide”?

  7. oh man, total agreement here.. Like Suicide would be phenomenal!!!!
    love matts drums on that song…

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