Ah yes, “Hummus”, a song I heard long before I ever tried the delicious chick-pea spread that shares its name. As far as hidden tracks go (a dying art form), it’s more substantial than a lot of extraneous crap I’ve heard tacked on to the ends of albums, but not by much. Sporting a convincing enough Middle Eastern melody that impressively speeds up with hand-clap accompaniment and shouts of “hummus!”, the song was a goofy but welcome snapshot of the relaxed vibe surrounding the Yield sessions, a return to camaraderie, and a sign that, although plenty of b-sides had already demonstrated the fact, Pearl Jam did indeed have a sense of humor.


~ by Michael on August 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hummus”

  1. This song made me try hummus as well, then Avocados later down the line. Both are good. But “Hummus” the song is very good. It would be appreciated so much more if it swapped spots with The Color Red, since most people are mentally exhausted by the time this song hits their ears. I bought this song off of itunes for a dollar just so I can have it by itself.

  2. Wow! I just went to iTunes. I didn’t realize you could get the song alone, or that it was listed under that name. Don’t know if I agree about swapping it out with the Color Red. Might have to try that sometime to be sure!

  3. Since they didn’t play this at the Vic, I’m expecting it at Lolla.

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