Wasted Reprise

In the tradition of Neil Young’s “What Happened Yesterday” and “Fallen Angel”, from his 1995 collaboration with Pearl Jam, Mirrorball, “Wasted Reprise” is a minute of organ and voice, in this case segueing “Gone” and “Army Reserve”.  And while, as a reprise, it comes after its parent song “Life Wasted” on Pearl Jam, live it is used most often as an extended intro.  Not being a complete song, it’s hard to comment on, except that”Wasted Reprise” is a welcome chance to reflect on the themes of “Life Wasted” in a quieter context.


~ by Michael on June 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Wasted Reprise”

  1. I remember at one of the Camden shows last year (I think it was night 2), they opened the first encore with Wasted Reprise–>Man of the Hour. That was beautiful. I like to listen to this one when it comes on, but really, what do you say about it? Yep, it’s a song, alright.


  3. […] 4. Severed Hand 5. Marker in the Sand 6. Parachutes 7. Unemployable 8. Big Wave 9. Gone 10. Wasted Reprise 11. Army Reserve 12. Come Back 13. Inside […]

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