I’m Still Here

Unreleased I want to get this one out of the way as soon as humanly possible, as the first toe-dip into the ocean of unreleased Pearl Jam songs, and because it’s almost unbearable to listen to. According to the great PJ resource The Sky I Scrape (see blogroll), the song was leaked at the same time as the Lost Dogs compilation, and although it was rumored to have been a hidden track on import versions of same, it never was. The title is also a guess. But one thing’s for sure, the “song” is five-minutes of hand-wringingly earnest, bad poetry that was rightly kept from any official release. It recalls No Code’s “I’m Open” in form, Vedder delivering some low-key spoken word over swirling, New Age-y backing. Here, the music’s just one effects-laden electric guitar noodling repetitive patterns, while Ed delivers a confessional that may have been cathartic to write and record, but is wince-inducing for the listener. It’s probably bad form to criticize an artist for art they never even intended for public consumption; lord knows I’ve got enough junk in my own vaults to pass judgment on “I’m Still Here”. Instead, let me say a loud “Boooooo!” to the leaker(s) for bringing this one to light. I love me some completism, but some things just aren’t meant for our ears.


~ by Michael on April 27, 2007.

12 Responses to “I’m Still Here”

  1. wow, I couldnt disagree more.

    Ive often listened to that ‘song’ multiple times in a row. Very soothing tone, speaking very true words. Words that alot of people can connect too.

  2. We can agree on the “soothing” part, I’ll give you that. :o)

  3. I agree with your comments. ‘I’m Still Here’, a name which was coined by Red Mosquito users, is not that great of a spoken word song and I like their previous 3 spoken word compositions…, Bugs, I’m Open, and Push Me Pull Me. The music in this song is pretty cool, but I feel the words and delivery could of been a little better.

  4. I disagree as well. I’m not liking this all opionated site either. A lot of dissing going on here, are you even a fan? The comments are almost like that of a music critic or a reporter not of a die hard fan. I’ll be patient though…

  5. Believe You Me: I’m more of a fan of those three tunes as well. My eventual post on “I’m Open” should be interesting. I was able to see the live debut in ’06.

    Presentense: I’m glad that you disagree. I encourage you to express why. Also, I appreciate your patience. I’m sure that when all is finally said and done, a far greater percentage of these posts will be more positive in nature, but by all means, if I don’t like I song, I will explain why.

  6. >A lot of dissing going on here, are you even a fan? The comments are almost like that of a music critic or a reporter not of a die hard fan. I’ll be patient though…

    Look at it this way, presentence: he’s getting the tracks he’s negative about out of the way. I’m sure the fandom will run wild when he gets to write about a bunch of songs he likes in a row.

  7. Thanks MWAM. I’ll add that “I’m Still Here” is the only song so far out of five that I haven’t liked!

  8. Of course, it is his site to run as he sees fit. WTF? I’m enjoying the honest feelins about some of these songs, because let’s face it: PJ has recorded some duds along the way. I think this site is doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

  9. I heard this one for the first time, recently. I prefer I’m Open

  10. Anyone know where I can get this?

  11. Sorry Snakeyez. No links to unreleased material will be allowed.

  12. Not meant for are ears? It brought the hair on the back on my neck. Sometimes personal experience is hard to listen to, but I thought it was great. Should have been released.

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